Disposable Bed Pads with Adhesive Strips for Elderly and Adults

SPC super absorbent disposable bed padsare made to protect bedding, wheelchairs, furniture, and flooring from urinary leaks and spills. Our disposable bed pads for elderly and adults have a quilted, maximum absorbency design with adhesive strips to keep bedding and furniture dry. Each absorbent bed pad is made with high quality materials that soak up liquids effectively and provides maximum comfort.

Simply remove covering on adhesive strips and place disposable bed pad over bedding, wheelchair, or furniture. Properly dispose used/soiled disposable bed pads in the trash and replace with new underpad to avoid skin irritation and improper hygiene practices.

SPC disposable bed pads are reimbursable with the State of California Medi-Cal program (now called Gold Coast) using code HCPCS: T4541.