Disposable Bed Pads and Incontinence Medical Supplies

We offer a wide variety of affordable, high quality medical supplies for urinary incontinence including our SPC quilted underpads, disposable bed pads (aka "chux"),  absorbent liners, panty guards, reusable adult diapers, and protective underwear.

Our products are registered under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and listed on the California Medi-Cal Formulary of Absorbent Incontinence Products. This guarantees quality and leak-proof efficiency due to rigorous testing standards. Our products are suitable for use in medical care such as skilled nursing facilities, clinics, hospice, hospitals, and home health centers. We provide affordable pricing for disposable bed pads and urinary incontinence supplies. Shipped directly to your medical facility or home within 2-3 days. 

Medical Supplies Bed Pads for Adults with Urinary Incontinence

Our high quality, absorbent disposable bed pads are made to protect bedding, wheelchair, furniture, and flooring from urine, feces, and/or body fluid. Each bed pad is made with non-woven cotton for maximum absorbency and breathability. The underside has adhesive strips which firmly secures the bed pad to the mattress or furniture to prevent the pad moving while sleeping. Our durable and affordable disposable bed underpads are eligible for Medi-Cal (Gold Coast) reimbursement using code HCPCS: T4541.

Underpads are ideal for use with adult patients, senior and elderly care, disposable mattress protector pads, reusable incontinence underwear, adult diapers, toddler bed changing pads, and puppy potty training pads. Underpads are also referred to as chux. 

Reusable Protective Underwear for Urinary Incontinence

Our cotton protective incontinence underwear provide adults who have occasional to regular leakage more freedom and flexibility than regular adult diapers. We offer reusable and washable briefs, underwear, and panties that have insertion pockets for liners, guards, or pads. Our protective underwear, briefs, and panties are made from soft cotton and provide a comfortable underwear feel. We have multiple sizes in stock ranging from small to xx-large and in different styles of brief, panty, and unisex underwear.

Subscribe to a Monthly Delivery of Chux Underpads

Save yourself the time and hassle of calling or ordering online every time you need to restock your supply of disposable bed underpads.

We offer monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly subscription packages to make life easier. Simply choose the monthly subscription package of disposable underpads to your cart instead of the one-time purchase. Your credit card on file will be billed based on the purchased subscription billing cycle.

Call us to pause or cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

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    Incontinence Supplies For Your Loved Ones

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    Our Underpads are Eligible for Medi-Cal (Gold Coast) Reimbursement | HCPCS: T4541

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    Stop Worrying About Incontinence, Shop Now!

Incontinence Supplies For Your Loved Ones

Our Underpads are Eligible for Medi-Cal (Gold Coast) Reimbursement | HCPCS: T4541

Stop Worrying About Incontinence, Shop Now!