SPC Super Absorbent Incontinence Liners Bulk, 6 Packs of 30 (180 Liners)

SPC Super Absorbent Incontinence Liners Bulk, 6 Packs of 30 (180 Liners)

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  • Product Description
    SPC extra absorbent incontinence liners help lock fluid away to keep your protective incontinence underwear dry and free of accidental bladder leaks and spills. Our incontinence panty liners are made with ultra thin air-laid materials for high performance absorbency and have adhesive strips for secure attachment to underwear.

    Ultra-thin products require fewer raw materials, less packaging, and produce less waste. Their discreet profile makes them fit better and efficient to manufacture. This is good news for us, our customers, and the environment.

  • Product Specifications

    • Size: 11" x 4" with Adhesive Tape Back 
    • Quantity: 6 Packs of 30 Liners (180 count)
    • Affordability: $0.44 per liner, $13.33 per pack of 30 liners
    • Latex free
    • Perfect for light incontinence

  • Product Features

    • Adhesive strip to hold liner in place.
    • Ultra-thin super absorbent core which provides discreet comfort while absorbing leaks and controlling odor.
    • Waterproof layer to keep your clothing dry.

  • Directions
    To apply, peel off the adhesive strip and insert super absorbent panty liner inside your undergarment, adhesive side down. If wearing protective incontinence underwear, simply insert in the inner pocket before wearing and adjust for comfort.

    To ensure maximum comfort, change the incontinence liner when fully absorbed and dispose accordingly. Change and wash protective underwear everyday to prevent skin rashes and maintain personal hygiene.

    To dispose, roll up the liner and dispose of it in a waste basket. Do not rinse or flush down the toilet.

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