SPC quilted disposable bed pad 27 x 70 75 count 5 packs
SPC secure tuck under mattress underpad disposable bed pad 27 x 70

SPC Quilted Bed Underpads 27 x 70 Tuck In Sides (75 count)

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  • Product Description
    SPC disposable quilted underpads with tuck in sides are made to protect bedding, furniture, and flooring from urinary incontinence and rectal incontinence. Our tuck under mattress pads have a quilted, maximum absorbency design with sides that fit securely under a twin-sized mattress or hospital bed.

    Our incontinence bed pads with tuck in sides are made from high quality materials that soak up liquids effectively to maintain dryness and reduce odors for maximum comfort
    They also protect your mattress, furniture, car, and/or floor from bladder leakage and stool incontinence.

  • Product Specifications

    • Size: 27" x 70" Quilted Bed Underpad with Tuck In Sides
    • Quantity: 5 Packs of 15 Disposable Bed Pads (75 count)
    • Latex free

    • Affordability: $0.93 per pad, $14.00 per pack of 15 bed pads
    • Save 5% by subscribing to monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly deliveries

  • Product Features

    • Tuckable sides to secure super absorbent bed pad on mattress
    • Quilted, maximum absorbency core and waterproof layer to soak up leaks and control odor
    • Perfect for medium to heavy incontinence
    • Reimbursable with the State of California Medi-Cal

  • Directions
    To use, simply place incontinence bed pad on a twin-sized bed and tuck sides underneath the mattress.

    To ensure maximum comfort, change the disposable bed pad when fully soiled and dispose accordingly. To prevent skin rashes and maintain personal hygiene, it is recommended to change the underpad as often as possible.

    To dispose, roll up the wet incontinence bed pad and dispose of it in a waste basket. Do not rinse or flush down the toilet.

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