SPC Women's Incontinence Underwear, Cotton Reusable Panty
SPC reusable washable cotton protective underwear panty for women

SPC Women's Protective Underwear, Reusable Cotton Panty

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  • Product Description
    SPC women's cotton protective panty is 100% washable and reusable. Our women's incontinence underwear is less bulky than regular adult diapers and can be used with extra absorbent thin pads or super absorbent panty liners, providing maximum comfort and a discreet underwear feel.

  • Product Specifications

    • Sizing chart: Small (22" - 28"), Medium (28" - 32"), Large (32" - 36"), X-Large (36" - 40"), XX-Large (40" - 44") 

    • Quantity: 1 Cotton Reusable Protective Panty

    • Perfect for light to moderate incontinence

  • Product Features

    • Washable and reusable cotton underwear

    • Less bulky than traditional adult diapers

    • Inner pocket to hold liner or pad in place

    • Made from 100% virgin cotton

  • Directions
    To use, simply insert and slide a liner, pad, or guard in the inner pocket of the cotton reusable panty before wearing. Make sure the adhesive side of the extra absorbent liner, pad, or guard is facing down and adjust for comfort.

    To ensure maximum comfort, change and wash protective underwear everyday to prevent skin rashes and maintain personal hygiene. Wash the cotton reusable underwear in a laundry machine with mild detergent along with light colors. To remove stains, let underwear soak in warm water and baking soda.

    Change the incontinence pad, liner, or guard when wet and dispose accordingly. To dispose, roll up the guard, liner, or pad and dispose in a waste basket. Do not rinse or flush down the toilet.

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