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How to Make a Caregiver Care Plan

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Caregiver Care Plan San Pablo Commercial SPC

Whether you’re caring for a family member or are a professional caregiver, it is always important to create a care plan. Organizing personal and medical details all in one place can help keep information accessible and offer ease during transitions of care. 

What is a caregiver care plan?

A care plan is a document that includes information about a patient's health conditions, current medical treatments, and specific care needs. Care plans provide caregivers the necessary information to ensure that all the patient’s needs are being met. 

What should a care plan include?

A care plan includes the following pertinent information: 

  • Patient’s name, date of birth, address, phone, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Medical history, existing medical conditions and allergies
  • Health insurance information and names of healthcare providers
  • List of current prescribed medications (dosage, frequency)
  • Hobbies and interests to better arrange activities the patient will enjoy
  • Advanced care planning (DNR - do not resuscitate, power of attorney, etc.)

Why are caregiver care plans important?

Caregiver care plans are important for professional caregivers who have more than one patient under their care. Care plans can help improve a patient’s quality of life and make things easier for caregivers. This includes caregivers working in assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, congregate living health facilities, nursing homes, hospice care, and rehabilitation facilities.

How to make a caregiver care plan?

To create a caregiver care plan, download the Complete Care Plan form provided by the Center of Disease Control (CDC). Talk with the patient to fill in the necessary information. If the patient is unable to provide all the information needed, it is advised to reach out to one of their family members and/or emergency contact.

How often should a care plan be updated?

It is recommended for caregivers to update care plans every year, or as often as important details change, such as new health conditions or medications. As always, it is important to keep patient medical information private and for caregivers to respect the patient's dignity.

What is advanced care planning?

Advanced care planning is most commonly known as end of life planning. This involves a conversation with the patient regarding their wishes if they were to fall seriously ill. Advanced directives are written legal documents that outline the patient’s preferences in regards to end of life care. This often includes a living will, do not resuscitate orders (DNR), and power of attorney for health care decisions.

Advance Care Planning for People Living with Dementia 

Alzheimer’s disease can affect a person’s ability to perform simple tasks and interfere with decision making abilities. Preparing an advanced care plan during earlier stages of dementia can help ensure that the patient’s wishes are fulfilled.

What to do if someone does not have an advance care plan?

If a loved one or someone you are caring for does not have an advanced directive, it is essential for family members to discuss next steps with the patient’s healthcare provider. Making decisions regarding a loved one’s life can be difficult. It’s important to have a support network to get through these troubling times.

A Caregiver’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Is Important

If you are a caregiver, taking care of yourself is important. Caring for another person can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Oftentimes, caregivers will neglect their own health. This can result in higher risk for developing anxiety, depression, and other chronic health conditions. Maintaining a caregiver journal can make life easier for caregivers and keep information organized.


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