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How to Deal with Incontinence in Alzheimer’s Disease

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how to deal with incontinence in alzheimers disease san pablo commercial

Alzheimer’s disease can affect an individual’s memory, thinking, and ability to perform daily tasks. As symptoms worsen, people living with Alzheimer’s may lose control of their bladder and bowel movements – also known as incontinence. Alzheimer’s patients will eventually require full-time care from a family member or caregiver. 

How does Alzheimer’s affect bladder control?

Alzheimer’s is a brain disorder that leads to physical decline & impaired coordination. As the disease progresses, the inability to recognize bodily cues causes an individual to lose control over bladder and bowel movements. Incontinence usually occurs during the middle to late stages of Alzheimer’s disease, but every situation is different. Certain medications can also affect bladder function and result in incontinence as a side effect.

Medication for Incontinence Treatment

There are medications that can help reduce bladder contractions such as: 

  • Imipramine 
  • Duloxetine, 

and medications that treat overactive bladder including:

  • Vesicare, 
  • Enablex, 
  • Detrol, and 
  • Ditropan.

Always consult with a healthcare professional regarding alternative medications.

How to Care for Alzheimer’s Patients with Incontinence?

Caring for an incontinent Alzheimer’s patient can be physically and emotionally challenging. Bedwetting in older adults can be an embarrassing situation which may lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. Communication is essential for a patient’s well-being.

Implementing a scheduled routine, proper hygiene practices, and increased supervision can help lessen the caregiver burden and improve a patient’s quality of life. Timed voiding allows individuals with Alzheimer’s disease to use the restroom at scheduled intervals and reinforce good bathroom habits. Monitoring accidental leaks can help prevent rashes and skin infections by keeping sensitive areas dry and clean.

How to Prevent Incontinence Skin Breakdown in Alzheimer’s Patients?

Prolonged skin exposure to urine and/or feces can lead to infections, also known as incontinence associated dermatitis. Diaper rashes can be uncomfortable and serious cases may result in skin breakdown. 

It is important to change incontinence products regularly to maintain proper hygiene. Establishing a regular toileting routine can help an individual empty their bladder completely and reduce the risk of incontinence leaks.

Alzheimer’s Incontinence Products

Utilizing incontinence products to prevent nighttime leaks in Alzheimer’s patients can provide extra support and improve quality of life. Absorbent incontinence products such as adult diapers and bed pads can offer protection for individuals who cannot physically reach the bathroom during the night.

Disposable adult diapers are easy for caregivers to change and offer incontinence support for individuals with impaired mobility. Bed underpads are useful for protecting mattresses and absorbing accidental leaks. Other incontinence products such as protective gloves, sanitary wipes and creams are also necessary for caregivers to use when changing adult diapers.


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