Social Distancing Precautions For Your Safety

social distancing

As businesses and recreational parks open their doors back up, it is important to partake in social distancing & precautionary practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Remember these social distancing guidelines:

  • Stay 6 feet (about two arm's length) away from other individuals
  • Do not gather in large groups
  • Stay away from crowded places & mass gatherings

Essentials to bring when going out in public:

  • Bring a mask or something to cover your face 
  • Bring hand sanitizer as well as sanitary wipes to disinfect surfaces

Important things to remember:

  • Wash your hands frequently and refrain from touching your face
  • Do not touch your phone when wearing gloves
  • Eat immune boosting, nutritious foods & exercise to keep healthy

Keep your distance to slow the spread of coronavirus! Stay safe & healthy.

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