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Choosing Between Disposable Adult Diapers vs. Reusable Protective Underwear

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Two of the most popular urinary incontinence products used for occasional to regular leakage are adult diapers and protective underwear. While both incontinence products absorb liquids effectively to avoid accidents, choosing between disposable adult briefs and reusable protective underwear depends on personal comfort preference and mobility level. This blog post will further explain the different benefits of adult diapers and pull-up protective underwear to help you or your loved one choose the most convenient incontinence support garment.

Disposable Adult Diapers

Disposable adult diapers, or disposable adult briefs, are standard incontinence supplies and are widely used in hospitals, hospice care, nursing homes, and home health centers. Adult diapers have four side fastener tape tabs that attach from the front to the back, making them adjustable for the most comfortable fit. This feature makes adult diapers ideal for individuals who have limited mobility and/or are assisted by a caregiver. The tape fasteners make it easier for caregivers to change the patient's diaper, especially when the patient may be laying or sitting down. Adult diapers have a wetness indicator as well as breathable cotton like side panels and inside linings to help protect the skin from perspiration and wetness.

Benefits of Adult Diapers

  • Suitable for individuals with moderate to heavy incontinence
  • Typically more absorbent, ideal for overnight use
  • Tear-away tape fasteners for easier removal and adjustable fit
  • One time use, disposable incontinence product

Reusable Protective Underwear

Protective underwear are adult incontinence garments that have a similar feel and design to regular underwear. Unlike adult diapers, reusable protective underwear do not have fasteners but instead feature elastic waist bands. Reusable protective underwear also have insertion pockets for pads, liners, or guards to absorb leaks. They are available in various styles including panties for women, underwear for unisex, and briefs for men. 

Benefits of Protective Underwear

  • Suitable for individuals with light incontinence 
  • Less bulky than adult diapers, more comfortable and discrete fit
  • Feel like regular underwear with elastic waist band
  • Reusable and washable garment, only dispose pad, liner, or guard
  • Available in multiple styles - panty, brief, or underwear

At San Pablo Commercial Medical Supply, we offer quality medical products for urinary incontinence at an affordable price. Our pull-up protective underwear come in multiple sizes (small to XX-large) and styles (brief, panty, underwear). Shop now on our online store and we will deliver the product straight to your door. 


San Pablo Commercial is a family-owned, small business with a mission to deliver affordable medical supplies to their customers and caregivers. We offer a variety of incontinence products, ranging from SPC underpads, adult diaper briefs, reusable protective underwear, sanitary pads, absorbent liners, and disposable bed pads with adhesive. We ship directly to residential homes, home health care facilities, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and senior living communities within 2 to 3 business days. We care deeply about our customers and want to make ordering incontinence supplies easier so that they can spend more time doing the things they love.

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