Freedom from Urinary Incontinence with SPC Reusable Protective Underwear

new product reusable protective underwear urinary incontinence

Dealing with occasional to regular leakage can be difficult, especially when limited to adult diapers. Our latest addition of reusable protective briefs, underwear, and panties provide a more discreet and comfortable alternative. Underwear is washable and designed with a insertion pocket that fit liners, guards, or pads. We offer multiple sizes to ensure our customers find the best fit. 

As winter slowly comes to an end, spring welcomes us with brighter days perfect for taking a stroll outdoors. Do not let urinary incontinence set you or your loved ones back from activities. Our protective underwear provide maximum comfort and more freedom to move around. Check out our new products and order online from our website. We will ship the products straight to your home. 

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