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Incontinence Supplies Home Delivery for Seniors & Caregivers

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A report released by the World Health Organization states that 1 in 6 people in the world will be over 60 years old by 2030. The growing elderly population will coincide with the rising demand for medical supplies. Whether you’re a senior living at home or a caregiver helping a loved one, convenience is key when it comes to shopping for incontinence supplies.

Aging can result in weakened bladder muscles and the inability to control one’s urge to urinate. Living with incontinence can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. The good news is that incontinence supplies can be delivered straight to your home!

Types of Incontinence Supplies

There are a variety of incontinence products available to help prevent bladder leaks and reduce urine smells. The following medical supplies can help one manage their incontinence:

  • Catheters and Penile Sheaths
  • Incontinence Guards
  • Skincare and Personal Hygiene Products

Disposable Bed Underpads 

Disposable underpads are useful for protecting chairs, wheelchairs, and beds from incontinence leaks. The soft top layer of the pad is designed to quickly absorb fluids and reduce odors. The non-slip, waterproof bottom layer of the pad helps keep liquids from leaking and soiling the surface beneath it. Single-use, disposable underpads are practical and easy to clean. They can be disposed of directly into the trash after each use. There are also reusable underpads that can be washed every time after use. 

spc disposable underpad bed pad

Adult Diapers 

Adult diapers and pull-ups are disposable undergarments used to prevent leaks and fecal incontinence. Contrary to popular belief, diapers are not only used by infants or toddlers. Many adults living with incontinence, regardless of age or gender, use diapers during the day or night. Diapers can have adhesive strips or an elastic band to be “pulled up” like traditional underwear.

adult diapers san pablo commercial spc

Diaper Briefs with Tabs

Diapers with adhesive tabs make it easier to put on and take off. This is ideal for those with limited mobility or when caring for multiple patients in a residential setting like nursing home or home health facility. 

diaper briefs with tabs spc

Protective Underwear / Pull-Ups

Protective underwear, also known as pull-ups, are similar to underwear and offer a secure fit. They are convenient for stopping leaks and are more discreet than regular diapers with adhesive tabs. 

Bladder Control Pads / Panty Liners

Incontinence pads come in a variety of sizes and thickness, offering different absorbency levels. Bladder control and other incontinence pads are designed with super absorbent polymers (SAP), which are small polymers that expand when they come in contact with liquid. Bladder control pads are perfect for those with heavy incontinence as they offer superior odor control and absorb more liquid. Panty liners are ideal for light incontinence as they are thinner and less absorbent.

sanitary pad for bladder control spc

Reusable Underwear

Reusable protective underwear are ideal alternatives to regular underwear, as they often come with an insertion pocket for incontinence pads. Protective underwear is exactly what it sounds like, underwear that can catch bladder leakage. There are three different kinds of protective underwear, all of which are useful for mild to severe incontinence. 

reusable cotton underwear for incontinence spc
  • Men's Reusable Brief

  • Men's reusable briefs are made with soft cotton that is very gentle on the skin. Men’s incontinence briefs have an insertion pocket for men’s bladder control guards designed to absorb and lock in fluids. 

  • Women's Incontinence Panty

  • Women’s incontinence panties are perfect for catching bladder leaks. Unlike regular underwear, these panties have a sewn in insertion pocket for bladder control pads. This pocket keeps the pad in place and provides extra support for heavy incontinence. 

  • Unisex Cotton Underwear

  • Versatile, cotton underwear with a slightly varying design compared to men’s briefs and women’s panties. This simple design comes with an insertion pocket to fit absorbent pads for men and women and offers maximum comfort for any gender.

    Incontinence Supplies May be Covered by Medicaid

    If you are enrolled in Medicaid and are looking for low-cost or free incontinence supplies, it may be worthwhile to check your state’s benefits and see what is covered. Some states may pay for incontinence care products at no extra cost to you. Other states may impose an age restriction limit for children and require medical documentation from a physician to cover incontinence supplies. 

    Home Delivery Service for Incontinence Supplies

    There are many companies that offer home delivery of incontinence supplies. San Pablo Commercial has been delivering high quality incontinence supplies to customers and their caregivers for over 15 years. SPC provides discreet, quick home delivery of premium incontinence products, encouraging individuals and their loved ones to live worry free. SPC underpads are now available on Amazon.

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