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What are Quilted Underpads? | San Pablo Commercial

What are quilted underpads?

Quilted underpads, also known as chux, are absorbent bed pads that are designed to soak in urine and protect mattresses from bedwetting. They help keep furniture and bed sheets dry, providing maximum comfort and reducing odors for moderate to heavy incontinence. 

What are quilted bed pads made of?

Quilted bed pads are made of absorbent non-woven fabric and cotton fluff to best absorb liquid and keep surfaces dry. The base layer is often a waterproof material with adhesive strips to help secure the disposable bed pad in place.

What are disposable underpads used for?

Disposable underpads are medical supplies commonly used for managing urinary incontinence at home, in medical facilities, and in ambulances. Underpads are used during surgery or childbirth to absorb urinary and fecal incontinence spills. In long-term care facilities and hospitals, they are used to protect mattresses and furniture from urine damage. For postpartum care, they are used to catch urinary leaks since women’s bladder and pelvic muscles tend to be weakened after giving birth. They can also be used as potty training pads for pets.

Why are quilted underpads better than regular underpads?

Quilted underpads are better than regular underpads because they are made from high quality materials with a fluid-locking design. This means less leaks and no messy clean-ups. Disposable quilted bed pads have more layers of fluff than regular underpads, offering superior comfort and maximum absorbency.

Where to buy quilted underpads?

San Pablo Commercial sells the best quilted underpads on the market. We offer two different sizes, 30 x 36 quilted underpads or 27 x 70 quilted bed pads. SPC quilted underpads are made from the highest quality materials and are FDA approved. As a family owned business, purchasing your incontinence supplies from our company helps our small women-led business. We care deeply about our customers and are more than happy to help you order. Give us a call or order online today!

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